Bitcoin Resources

As the Bitcoin network keeps evolving, becoming more wide spread and more secure, our understanding of bitcoin becomes broader. In a sense, bitcoin is a new element, as prior to it's invention (or arguably discovery) in 2009, we haven't had anything like it.

For this very reason, it’s usually hard to wrap your head around bitcoin when you first encounter it.

It takes a bit of time to build adequate mental models to be able to conceive the true value proposition of bitcoin. These can be built by studying the history, which gives us some insights as to why our money is broken, and why it's the root of most struggle/evil in the world.

Through bitcoin lens we're able to see the truth, and no longer be the fish in the water, which is completely unaware of it's existence, as it was born in it.

Below, you’ll find a list of bitcoin podcasts & books that will help you get a wider understanding of bitcoin.

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Follow the white rabbit...

  • Jeff Booth
  • Robert Breedlove
  • Knut Svanholm
  • Saifedean Ammous
  • Michael Saylor
  • Der Gigi
  • Andreas Antonopoulos
  • Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert
  • Daniel Prince
  • John Vallis