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Nostr Guide
Bitcoin Artwork
Create beautiful bitcoin cards, bookmarks & stickers with a dedicated panel. Turn your cards into gifts with Lightning.
Satoshi Calculator
Quickly calculate how much bitcoin you'd get for your fiat currencies and generate price receipts for each bitcoin purchase.
Bitcoin Resources
Learn for yourself how deep the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole goes with a comprehensive list of Bitcoiners to follow, useful apps, sites and more.
Were you handed a card?
Congratulations! Someone you know is a Bitcoiner. This might come as a surprise, but he/she cares about you. A lot. They followed the white rabbit, went down the hole and discovered bitcoin - the best money the world has ever had. It changed their lives, and teleported them to the future. Now they’d like the same for you.

While some of the jargon (if not all) sounds confusing, fear not! If you commit just a little bit of your time out of your busy life, rest assured, there will come a moment when something clicks and things will start to make sense. Here’s some content, available for free, which might help you in the beginning of your journey. See you in the future!
For more resources,Follow the white rabbit & check our dedicated page, where you'll find a list of bitcoin related podcasts, books, apps & sites.
Spread the word!
Information can proliferate just like a virus. Thanks to communications technologies, all it takes is one tweet or a post and boom! - someone (or even thousands of people) on the other side of the globe now knows a bit more about something. However, with so much stuff being communicated each and every single day, there’s always a possibility that the information that was shared will never be seen anyone (especially if your account on Twitter has like 10 followers). On the other hand, in the physical realm, when information is exchanged, you can be almost certain that the person in front of you is receiving the content you’re transmitting - unless of course they aren’t paying attention.

Spread the good vibes and encourage people into learning about bitcoin and the importance of sats stacking. If you're a Bitcoiner you're most likely doing so anyways! But here's another tool for ya.

Onboard people into the future by handing them these cards (links below) and let the peaceful revolution continue.

The cards are 3.5 inches by 2 inches (business card size), so you can easily carry a bunch of them in your wallet and hand them out to peeps when needed.

All linked cards are in print-friendly PDF files. Translations and other variations are most welcomed!
Spicing things up a bit
Do you get irritated whenever someone close to you buys a bunch of shit they don't need? Are you immediately converting the amount of fiat they spent to precious sats which they would've gotten? Handing them the regular cards didn’t work as expected? Try shaming your buddies with the Useless Shit Shame cards! Perhaps this way, they'll put some effort into understanding the importance of saving in bitcoin!
In case you're looking for a way to quickly convert the shitcoin amount to sats, you can use the calculator listed below. Available fiat currencies are: USD, GBP, EUR and PLN.
Fiat to (sats) converter
$ 29557


Select fiat currency

Embed the converter on your site
The Fiat2SatsConverter is available as a embeddable widget. If you feel this is something you would like to have it on your site, simply copy and paste the code below anywhere inside your document's body.

    <div id="uselessshit-calculator"></div>
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
This project was inspired by @gigi's, which is a VERY SERIOUS campaign to shame merchants into adopting bitcoin. Since it feels like shaming merchants just wasn't enough, I decided to make it easier for plebs to shame on anyone who spends fiat on useless stuff :)
My pal went shopping to buy shorts but came back with two pairs, additional two pairs of trousers and four t-shirts. When I found out about it, a voice started rumbling in my head. Perhaps it was the voice of Satoshi. I asked him if he at least got some sats back for the unexpected purchase. No - he replied - but the offer was practically a steal. I saved about 40%. But did he? - I then asked myself, and the voice became louder. That's when I realized it wasn't Satoshi speaking to me, but rather an urging need to shame him. If only I could make him feel bad about what he just did... Do something that would affect his emotions stronger than words... And then, I found out about Now I carry with me at least a dozen of the useless-shit cards and whenever someone makes a dumb purchase, I am prepared!